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Jack Kukolic for Mayor

Watch my latest campaign video!

Jack's platform has been released. Find out how he plans to make Oakville ready for the future.

Currently accepting responses for a short survey regarding what change you want to see in this election.


"From a young age, I was always interested in politics.  I wanted to learn more about it and see how issues were affecting my family and my community.  Yet, I often found that people my age, and adults, would avoid the subject entirely.  Whether it was just having a discussion or participating in the process."

It all started in 2014 when Jack was just eleven.  He published an opinion piece in the Mississauga News about decreasing the voting age and getting younger people out and involved in elections.  From there he continued to develop his interest culminating in his candidacy for Mayor of Oakville in the upcoming municipal election.

Jack has owned and operated his photography and videography business in Oakville for seven years, since age fourteen, catering to a wide range of clients from families to large corporations.

"If you ask someone if they would rely on a teenager to capture their wedding photos, the answer for some would be no.  Over the years I've found that people may see age as a barrier to performing certain tasks or roles.  But you can overcome that and demonstrate your potential.  I shot my first solo wedding at sixteen."

Jack is interested in seeing all angles of an issue through an inclusive lens.  He is a critical thinker who aims to find solutions that work for everyone.

"In the last municipal election, only 37% of eligible Oakville voters voted.  I believe we can do better than that.  Oakville is a beautiful place to live, and there are many voices that make up this vibrant community.  I want to listen to yours.  So make your voice heard on October 24th because elections are for everyone."

What issues are important to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to reach out.  Follow me on socials for updates during the campaign.

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