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The Canoe is a piece that demonstrates the beauty that can be discovered in Northern Ontario.  It makes me want to go out and explore, there is no other feeling like being outdoors in the wilderness.  This photo was shot in 3 steps and blended together in post to give you the look that you see here.

Print Features/Options
+ Printed on high-quality art paper*
+ Framed on a sleek black frame, including a matt**
+ Canvas prints feature a 0.75" thick wood for 13x20" and a 1.5" thick wood for 26x40"
+ Free shipping available across Canada! Shipping to the US now available!

Help support youth artists today! Visit my company @

*Print dimensions are based on the paper size print may be slightly smaller with a white border on edges of the paper.
**Dimensions for framed prints are based on the exterior of the frame, the picture will be smaller with matt.

The Canoe

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